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UN1TY Successfully Wowed the Audience in UN1VERSARY The Show


1ID Entertainment


1ID Entertainment


1ID Entertainment

After two years of only virtual interaction, boyband UN1TY finally meet face to face with their fans through UN1VERSARY The Show concert on 17th December 2022 at Ciputra Artpreneurship. This debut concert also doubled as a celebration of their third anniversary, making it a very meaningful experience for both UN1TY and the fans.

For 2 hours, UN1TY performed 20 songs with a live band. Those songs included new songs and various sub-unit performances that the fans saw for the very first time that night. UN1TY also collaborated with girlband V1RST who also performed as the opening act of the concert, along with female soloist Christie and Jasmine Nadya and male soloist Melvin Genuino.

With polished vocal technique and choreography that was supported by fashionable costumes, UN1TY successfully bedazzled their audience and strengthen its fanbase. Their positive energy at the stage was returned in kind by the fans, creating a memorable connection that definitely left a lasting impression on both the fans and UN1TY.