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Synchronize:Fest, Legit Music Festival Experiencing Music Like No Other







After two years of being postponed, Synchronize Fest came back in 2022, from 7 to 9 October 2022 at Gambir Expo. This heavily anticipated music festival has truly built up their excitement from the two-years pause, getting the total of 70 thousand attendees for their three days event. With the theme being Lokal Lebih Vokal, they managed to mix music, culture, and traditions from musicians across the country, making a showcase of extravagant tunes with a magical ambiance. 

Breaking boundaries across genres, this year’s Synchronize truly creates an inclusive room for music, making it enjoyable for everyone, every music taste, every kind of music listener. From Agnez Mo, King Nassar, to Efek Rumah Kaca, they managed to frame everyone's interests and construct a new way of enjoying music while opening new windows of various genres to music enthusiasts. Embodying the spirit of appreciating our local music scene, the euphoria lives on, even after the festival ended. WIth a massive amount of positive feedback, Synchronize has again become the benchmark of Indonesia’s music festival.

Making room for collaboration, one unique combination from Nasida Ria and Tjut Nyak Devina brings out a new atmosphere to classic works such as Perdamaian, Bom Nuklir, and Tahun 2000. These groundbreaking methods for collapsing genres bring hope to the creative industry, as life after a pandemic can seem very dark and somber. However, with the lively mix of melody and culture at Synchronize Festival, it’s safe to say that the music industry is coming into light.