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Samara Group Rewind April: A Month of Exciting Developments and Togetherness


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In the fast-paced world of Samara Group, the month of April was filled with exciting developments, significant growth, and impactful events. Let's take a look at some of the highlights from this productive and inclusive month.

Petualangan Sherina 2

Wrapping up Filming and Anticipating the Next Chapter

The highly anticipated sequel, Petualangan Sherina 2, reached a major milestone as the filming process came to a close. Fans can now eagerly anticipate the next chapter of Sherina's adventures as the entire cast and crew prepare to bring this beloved story to life on the big screen once again.

Saiyo Sakato Series

A Ramadan Release on NETFLIX Indonesia

In perfect timing for the holy month of Ramadan, the Saiyo Sakato series was released on NETFLIX Indonesia. This captivating series promises to entertain and inspire viewers during this special time of reflection and devotion, showcasing Samara Group's commitment to delivering quality content that caters to diverse interests and preferences.

Majelis Lucu Indonesia's "Kultum Pemuda Tersesat" Live Event

During Ramadan, the Majelis Lucu Indonesia organized the "Kultum Pemuda Tersesat" Live event in Bogor and Jakarta. Renowned comedians Coki Pardede and Tretan Muslim provided humorous yet thought-provoking performances, offering audiences an opportunity for laughter, entertainment, and meaningful conversations. This event embraced the spirit of togetherness during Ramadan.

Playdate with Dearmoms

Building Lasting Memories

Dearmoms, a community initiative by Samara Group, organized a heartwarming playdate for mothers and their families. This special event allowed families to come together, bond, and create cherished memories. Emphasizing the importance of quality time and shared experiences, the playdate fostered a supportive community and highlighted the significance of nurturing relationships.

Klub Kecanduan Mantan

A Captivating Original Series on Netflix Indonesia

Wahana Kreator, a production house under Samara Group, premiered their latest original series, Klub Kecanduan Mantan, on Netflix Indonesia. Since its debut, this captivating series has garnered significant attention and acclaim from the public. The compelling storyline and engaging performances have solidified Samara Group's commitment to delivering compelling content.

Samara Group Buka Bersama Sharing the Joy of Iftar As Ramadan brought its blessings, the Samara Group team gathered for a memorable Buka Bersama, breaking their fast together with a delicious Iftar feast. This event symbolized the spirit of togetherness that Ramadan brings, fostering love, laughter, and gratitude. The team seized the opportunity to strengthen their bonds and express their appreciation for the blessings in their lives, carrying this joy and unity throughout the year.

April was a month of progress, growth, and impact for Samara Group. From wrapping up the filming of Petualangan Sherina 2 to organizing meaningful events and releasing captivating content, the company continued to make significant strides. Through initiatives like playdates and Buka Bersama, the Samara Group team emphasized the importance of building connections and nurturing relationships within our community.