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Petualangan Sherina 2 Began Filming


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BASE Entertainment


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One of the most awaited films, Petualangan Sherina 2, has officially begun the filming process in Palangkaraya, Central Borneo. This location was chosen by Miles Entertainment as a part of their creative exploration and marked their first time shooting a film in a Borneo forest after only shooting documentaries in said location. Aside from Palangkaraya, the filming process will also take place in Jakarta.

Even though the story and synopsis of Petualangan Sherina 2 are still being kept secret, the audience’s enthusiasm for this film remains high. Many are questioning whether or not the friendship between Sherina and Sadam will stay close after 22 years and wonder about what new challenge awaits them.

Aside from featuring Sherina Munaf and Derby Romero as main characters, Petualangan Sherina 2 will also feature Isyana Sarasvati, Kelly Tandiono, Chandra Satria, Ardit Erwanda, Randy Danistha, and Quinn Salman. They’ve been going through preparation and workshop for the last 6 months with director Riri Riza to build the right chemistry.

Petualangan Sherina 2 will air in 2023 and feature seven original soundtracks written by Sherina. With exciting dance and action choreography, Sherina promised that this film will bring the audience back to 22 years ago through the warm nostalgia feeling that is close to their heart.